Aliyana NS

  • Sex: mare
  • DOB: 31.10.15
  • Sire: SHF Bruce
  • Dam: AuSome Candileja


Ali was bred at Narrawin Stud. She is a second cross Andalusian and will be registered with AHAA.

Gaits & Movement

Ali is not gaited. She has groundcovering walk, trot and canter and looks very naturally balanced. She will suit a variety of equestrian disciplines and will undoubtedly be an easy horse to train due to a good mind and good conformation.

Conformation Notes

Ali is well built with good legs and feet. She is growing up nicely and looks like he will grow to 15 hands or more. For more current pictures, please see her Narrawin Stud Facebook album


Ali is quite laid back and very friendly.


Ali is 3/4 Andalusian, with 1/4 Paso Fino on the dam’s side.

For Sale

For sale to approved home. Available after weaning in mid 2018.