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Flamenca was bred in California by Melinda Curtis. Yvonne Lehey bought her and brought her to Australia as a young mare, just started under saddle. Some years later, Flamenca came to Narrawin Stud. She had several foals, but her main role has been pleasure riding horse. She has been used as lesson horse during several clinics held at the stud, been ridden for fun by myself and Yvonne and is a fantastic horse for giving the younger ones confidence. Somewhat late in her career under saddle, she learned lateral movements, showing lovely shoulder-ins and travers. We also started on Spanish Walk and terre-a-terre.

Gaits & Movement

Well gaited with expressive action, good thread. Minimal termino.

Conformation Notes

Very balanced, elegant, big mare. For more current pictures, please see her Narrawin Stud Facebook album


Flamenca is great to handle in every way and a pleasure to have around. She has loads of brio, but has been extremely useful as schoolmaster and to help teach the young horses the ropes, due to her unflappable nature out on the trails. She is doing well and still going out for rides at 20+ years of age.


Her colour appears brown, but she is a black buckskin, having produced buckskin, palomino and perlino foals. She was tested A for the gait gene (DMRT3).


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