Rico NS

  • Sex: gelding
  • DOB: 14.10.2017
  • Sire: Reverende de United (Imp.USA)
  • Dam: Emperatriz de CC (Imp.USA)
  • Price: $5,000


Rico was bred by Narrawin Stud.

Gaits & Movement

Well gaited, very nice mover. Super attitude and self carriage.

Conformation Notes

Correctly put together smaller gelding.


Rico is curious and intelligent. He was a little standoffish at the start as his mother is wary of people, but he is now convinced that people are bringers of food and other fun things. He has full siblings in NZ which are valued riding horses with laid back, dependable nature, and I expect the same of Rico when he goes under saddle.


Rico’s sire and dam are from well know, highly successful Columbian lines.

For Sale

He is for sale to an approved home.