Mecca's Midnight Son (Imp.USA)
Kobada's China Sky


Max was born on 28.12.1996 and came to Narrawin in early November 2000. He was subsequently started under saddle by me. In November 2008, I took Max to Equitana in Melbourne and had the opportunity to showcase American Saddlebreds and Gaited Horses to a wide audience. It’s hard for a horse to put up with the noise, the strangers and just the disruption from normal routine, especially a horse not used to being stabled. He took it well, and was no problem in the stallion parade with loads of other horses. At home, he is one of my favourite pleasure ridng horses, rarely disappointing in giving a fantastic ride, alone or in company. More recently, I have also started to work him more classically, introducing lateral work and Spanish Walk (which he seems to particularly enjoy). I have also introduced him to some trail obstacles and that is another set of tasks he shows great interest in.

Gaits & Movement

Max is a naturally 5-gaited horse. He has a beautiful long stride and is smooth and groundcovering in all gaits, including trot and canter. His rack is fantastic, to say the least.

Conformation Notes

He has a beautiful refined face and the lovely shoulder and neck typical of Saddlebreds. He has excellent bone and a harmonious overall look, complemented by great self-carriage.


Max loves people. He is energetic, curious and eager to please.


Naturally 5-gaited, to confimr, he was tested for the gait gene (DMRT3), result: A. He has been tested N/N for JEB (Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa).


His offspring are showing his qualities and have seen several pure and partbreds started under saddle and doing very well.

Name Breed Nickname Sex Colour Date foaled Sire
Wantadilla Serenade National Showhorse Serenade Mare Chestnut 09/09/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Talquah Seren
Narrawin Lady Madonna American Saddlebred Maddy Mare black 19/11/2002 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Kobadas Piccaninny
Narrawin Morning Quest American Saddlebred Maxine Mare Chestnut 18/11/2002 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Anacondas Morning Mist
Narrawin El Capitan American Saddlebred James Gelding Chestnut 31/12/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Wildmoor Firefall
Narrawin's Walking on Air American Saddlebred Merlin Stallion Chestnut 25/12/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Winsdown Precious Resource (Imp.USA)
Narrawin's Silk Road American Saddlebred Silk Road Mare Bay 10/11/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Celtic Sugar'n'Spice
Narrawin Timelord American Saddlebred Timelord Stallion Palomino 12/11/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Anacondas Morning Mist
First Lord of the Daemons American Saddlebred Daemon Gelding Chestnut 23/12/2004 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Narrawin's First Lady
Narrawin Keyanna American Saddlebred Keyanna Mare Chestnut 03/10/2005 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Wildmoor Romantic Charm
Narrawin's Speed of Light American Saddlebred Speedy Gelding Chestnut 11/10/2005 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Narrawin's Hearts On Fire
AuSome Tempranera Paso Creole Tempranera Mare Bay 02/12/2005 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Bathsheba Mako (Imp.USA)
AuSome Caminante Paso Creole Caminante Stallion Bay 14/12/2005 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Roxanne Imperial (Imp.USA)
Narrawin's Big Sky American Saddlebred Sky Stallion Chestnut 21/12/2005 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Winsdown Precious Resource (Imp.USA)
AuSome Alegria Saddlebred Partbred Alegria Gelding Chestnut 23/12/2006 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Guantanamera de la Raza (Imp.USA)
AuSome Mentiroso Saddlebred Partbred Tiago Gelding Bay 05/02/2007 S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: R-N's Carinita (Imp.USA)
Santana Belle Saddlebred Partbred Bella Mare Black S: Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
D: Santana Bay (Imp.USA)

At Stud

Max stands at stud to approved mares of all breeds and is available by live cover only.