• Narrawin Stud founded


    Narrawin Stud started in Bega, NSW. The first two of the foundation horses were acquired in 1995, which marked the official beginning of the stud. This included a Saddlebred colt and a Saddlebred filly. The name of the stud was also established that year.

  • Additional horses

    The Amerian Saddlebred stallion Tintalle Golden Demon came to Narrawin Stud. Two more Saddlebred fillies from NSW also joined the stud. We had a write-up in the American Saddlbred Association (USA) magazine.

  • Sam, my first Peruvian Paso Horse

    Sam, aka Precioso arrived from Gippsland. He was the the first Paso I had, and I learned much about Pasos in general and Peruvian Horses specifically from this one special horse.

  • Paco arrived

    The bay Peruvian stallion Paco joined the stud not too long after, also from Gippsland in Victoria.