This page has a current list of horses I am offering for sale. This page is updated regularly. Please contact me for further information on any of the horses listed. When you contact me, please tell me what you are looking for and a bit about yourself, so I know if the horse you are interested in is suitable for you. If you are not sure, I might be able to offer advice. Let me know if you can't find what you are looking for, as I might be able to point you in the right direction.

Saddles and gear

Saddles and other gear (which is occasionally available) is in the section below the horses. If you require additional pictures or information about any items listed, please contact me. I am more than happy for you to bring your horse to try a saddle, or help you otherwise. Prices for gear are exclusive of freight or postage.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, all prices include GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.

mareAuSome Gitana

Paso Creole
SHF Bruce x R-N's Carinita (Imp.USA)

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mareAuSome Guardaraya

Paso Creole
SHF Bruce x AuSome First Lady

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mareCarinita NS

Paso Fino
Reverende de United (Imp.USA) x AuSome Esperanza (Imp.USA)

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stallionEldur from Narrawin

Gneisti von Roetgen (Imp.GER) x Brana from Alpine

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geldingLorenzo NS

Paso Creole
Reverende de United x AuSome Candileja

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stallionSHF Bruce

Blackford Santa Domingo x Espania

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Hidalgo Teneriffa



Black Hidalgo Teneriffa, as new (has only been tried on a horse once). This is a high quality baroque style saddle made of beautiful leather. A narrow twist and overall design to position the rider’s body and legs correctly are complemented by a nice soft seat. This saddle suits classical dressage as well as pleasure riding. Very suitable also for gaited horses. The tree is made from leather, giving it some flex. It is designed to mould to a horse over a period of time. The panels are large and soft and are attached to the underside of the saddle with velcro, and are therefore able to be adjusted to suit almost any horse.

The seat length is for an average rider. The flaps a little longer than on similar saddles, therefore it is suitable for long legged riders as well. The saddle has long points and the rear point is adjustable. It takes normal mounts.

Hidalgo Valencia

$2,000 (no GST)


Hidalgo Valencia Spezial Light Saddle, recently imported from the manufacturer in Austria. Black Spanish leather tree saddle with brown zalea (full sheepskin cover). The ultimate comfort for horse and rider.

Seat 30cm, i.e.: suitable for a normally built adult. rider. Fully equipped with zalea, saddle pad, girth, stirrup leathers and stirrups.

Please contact owner directly: 03 5346 1370

McClellan Saddle



Brown McClellan made by Marin Harness in Florida, USA. Top notch leather and workmanship. Unlike standard McClellans, this saddle has a filled in seat and flaps (instead of fenders). Gullet fits most average horses, seat length is medium.

It has the standard McClellan V-rigging and a multitude of dees for attaching things. Great saddle for trail riding, long distance riding or general purpuse. Seat is fairly hard, but it is easy to fit a sheepskin to fix that. Comes with leathers and stirrups and a western cinch. Only for sale as I have two of these saddles.

Stuebben Siegfried



Black Stuebben Siegfried jumping saddle with blocks and extra long flaps. Has been used extensively for showjumping, hunting and general riding. I used it in the Hunter Plates at Melbourne Royal when I represented my club, and at many other competitions. It was always well looked after, and mostly ridden with a seat cover, it looks great. The tree is sound, points are good, saddle is ready to ride in. Medium gullet, medium seat, short points.

Mounts are not included, but I can supply mounts for an additional fee if required.