Lorenzo NS

  • Sex: gelding
  • DOB: 31.10.15
  • Sire: Reverende de United
  • Dam: AuSome Candileja


Lorenzo was bred at Narrawin Stud. He is destined to become a super riding horse, coming from bloolines with a sensible attitude, smooth gaits and very nice looking as well.

Gaits & Movement

Lorenzo has nice movement with excellent gait potential.

Conformation Notes

He has a beautiful refined face, like his sire. He is well balanced and correctly built with good legs and feet. He is growing up nicely and looks like he will grow to 15 hands or more. For more current pictures, please see his Narrawin Stud Facebook album


Lorenzo is only young. He took weaning well and is nice to handle. He is curious and wants to engage with people. He is good to lead, tie up, have his feet handled and all other normal things. He is fine with walking on a float, too.


Lorenzo is 3/4 Paso Fino, mainly from Columbian lines on his sire’s side. His dam is half Andalusian and half Paso Fino, with predominantly Puerto Rican blood from the dam’s side.

For Sale

For sale to approved home.