Training Philosopy

Work with a young horse should be fun for both with plenty of variety in the work and small challenges to entertain and occupy the mind of horse and rider.

My horse education is based on classical dressage principles, a good understanding of anatomy, conformation and movement. I have several years of experience in working with horses of many different breeds. Gaited horses with their unique abilities to execute the smooth saddle gaits are my specialty.

My horses are expected to respond to light cues to increase or decrease speed and to bend laterally, to turn or move sidewise. I use various exercises to allow the horse to become more supple and enable him to carry a rider in balance. I reward every try and aim for lightness at all times.

A balanced, responsive horse, guided by light aids is a happy horse and a delight for the rider. Working in harmony allows the team to achieve their set goals. And if ever they end up in a sticky situation, that teamwork will see them through.

I strive to improve my skills through continued learning and education. I question and test and try out new things in an effort to better myself, not just as rider, but as a carer for horses and as a human being.

I believe that you have to try things and fail and benefit from the learning experiences, whilst always being open to learning from others who may be further down the path. I feel that engaging in continuous learning not just prevents me from becoming stale in my thinking, but that it helps keep the ego in check. Nothing holds up personal development more than a big ego and the assumption that there is nothing more to learn. Trying new things, being a beginner again, making mistakes and striving to improve is what keeps me alive.