Wildmoor Pilgrim Son
Guantanamera de la Raza (Imp.USA)
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Bred at OliVaylle in Far Western Victoria. Started under saddle at Narrawin in early 2014, had intermittent work. Currently not in work.

Gaits & Movement

Well gaited, ground-covering movement. Can trot but prefers rack under saddle, which is pretty smooth. Will canter, but has had limited canter work under saddle.

Conformation Notes

Approx 15.3 hands. Tall, leggy, strong, good bone. Not the most refined looking horse, but well angulated through the limbs and built for work.


Green but going well, ready to take on and ride by someone with experience. He is willing but can be a little anxious on his owns and needs a little reassurance. But will go anywhere if asked by a person with confidence. Would suit confident rider wanting a horse to have fun with, might well suit endurance and farm work, but would make an excellent pleasure riding horse. Pleasant and friendly in the paddock, will come up and be sociable. Good to catch, tie up, fload, worm do feet, etc.


Al’s sire is the 5-gaited American stallion Max, and his dam was the Paso Fino mare Wanda, so he is from well gaited lines on both sides of his pedigree, and from well moving horses.

For Sale

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