Dreyri von Roetgen
Dagskjona von Roetgen


Sparky was bred at the Roetgen Icelandic Stud in Germany. He was exported to NZ as a weanling and grew up on the South Island, becoming a herd sire at Vindholar Icelandics. He was started under saddle by Christel Vinbrux. He was purchased by a syndicate and brought to Australia in August 2015 and is standing at Narrawin Stud. Since arriving, he has been put back under saddle. He is receiving further education and going beautifully. In addition to plenty of longer rides in the forest and out on the roads (in company and alone), he has started some classical dressage education.

His lateral work is well established and he is learning about Spanish Walk and doing some more canter work. He has been to an Extreme Cowboys training day, where he approached all obstacles with interest and great attitude. He is also doubling as pleasure riding horses at home, and has been used to give riding lessons to kids and adults. He is cool about being ridden alone or in a mixed group of geldings and mares. Lately, he has been pulled in for skill at arms training, which he seems to enjoy, and he is showing promise as a Horse Archery mount as well. Nothing much bothers him and he is a quick learner.

Gaits & Movement

Sparky is 5-gaited, showing the ability to collect or extend. He has a nicely rounded canter with clean 3-beat. In toelt, he has great action and can really motor along. He is also quite smooth.

Conformation Notes

Sparky is solid and correctly put together. His back is short and strong and his legs nice and sturdy with good feet. He has a fairly short neck, but very well set onto a great shoulder, allowing him to really carry himself, and he is very light in the bridle. For more current pictures, please see his Narrawin Stud Facebook album


He is a pleasant, easy to work with horse, whether under saddle, on the ground or in the breeding shed. He is laid back, but with a bit of cheek. Always happy to see people, he is keen on doing anything I ask of him.


Sparky is a red dun tobiano (heterozygous for tobiano). His sire is the chestnut German elite stallion Dreyri von Roetgen (Tolt 7.5) who has three crosses to the famous Hrafn 802 frá Holtsmula. His dam is the bay tobiano mare Dagskjona von Roetgen.


2016: Valeta NS - apricot dun Paso Creole filly out of Samba 2016: Eldur from Narrawin - bay Icelandic colt out of Brana from Alpine 2017: Vidal NS - buckskin/dun pinto Paso Creole colt out of Chica 2017: Logi - chestnut pinto Icelandic colt out of Funa (owned by Litli Stadur Icelandics) 2017: Sigrun from Narrawin - bay Icelandic filly out of Lukka from Haldane Icelandics

At Stud

Sparky stands at stud to approved Icelandic mares.