Decreto de la Luisa
La Protejida de United


Rev came from Florida. After a successful show career, he was exported to NZ. He stood at stud on the South Island, and sired number of lovely foals. He came to Narrawin in mid 2013, and has been used as sire and riding horse. At home, he is one of my favourite pleasure ridng horses, showing wonderful smooth gait and lots of brio. I have also started to work him more classically, his lateral work is well established. Cantering and small jumps have also been intruduced and he is enjoying the change. He has been out and about doing Downunder Extreme Cowboy training days and a race (pro division). We enjoy garrocha work and skill at arms, both at clinics and at home. Out on the trails, he is unflappable and is a real fun horse to ride. In April 2016, he successfully represented Narrawin Stud and his breed at the Rural Lifestyle Expo in Ballarat. Since then, I have taken him to further skill at arms, mounted combat and classical dressage clinics (with Arne Koets and Phillip Leitch) and introduced him to horseback archery. In late 2017, he won the overall Skill at Arms trophy at the Timeline Festival at Kryal Castle.

Gaits & Movement

Rev is a naturally gaited horse, with short steps, but very smooth. He had been trained fino, but has latelely shown an acceptable largo, and a nice flat canter.

Conformation Notes

He has a beautiful refined face and the typical conformation of his breed. He has excellent bone and a harmonious overall look, complemented by great self-carriage.


Rev has brio. He loves to work and is 110% there when I ask something of him. He is manageable enough though, that I can allow a moderately good rider on his back. He is a bit macho in company, but plays nicely when away from home.


Rev is from Columbian lines. He has two crosses to Resorte Cuarto on his sire’s side and is a grandon of PROFETA DE BESILU via his dam.


His offspring are showing his gait, conformation and great looks. He has several sons and daughters that he sired while in NZ. Since coming to Australia, he has produced the following: 2014: Esmeralda NS, bay/dun filly out of AuSome Zarzuela 2014: Carinita NS, bay filly out of AuSome Esperanza 2015: Ramon NS, black colt out of AuSome She Raz 2015: Lorenzo NS, brown Paso Creole gelding out of AuSome Candileja 2017: Rico NS, bay colt out of Emperatriz de CC (Imp.USA) 2017: unnamed buckskin pinto colt out of Winnfarms Pacifica Baile (Imp.NZ)

At Stud

Rev stands at stud to approved mares of all breeds.