May 2016 Updates

Yvonne and I went to some fun events, a Downunder Extreme Cowboys training day at Rokewood, and a Skill at Arms training day in Ballarat (organised by the Victorian Goldfields Medieval Fair folks).

Both were great days. Rev did his usual Mr.Cool impression when serving as a warhorse, while Yvonne took her now fairly experienced Keldan. For me it was like good old times, all that time tentpegging and all the weapons handling during my martial arts training came in handy. Yvonne found it a bit more of a challenge, and in the afternoon she asked me to ride Keldan and try him out as well. While not so used to being ridden one-handed, he did a splendid job and we all had fun.

More pictures here.

The following weekend, Margaret came from the land of the hills. She was assigned Samba, and to keep me amused, I chose the intrepid Zara as the lucky winner of the trip to the Cowboys. Yvonne’s choice was Keldan again. It was Zara’s first ever official outing and is did her job well, showing brio and great attitude.

More pictures here.


The author Chris Bahlo