First Quarter of 2020

it was a long and hot summer and I’m glad we were spared any bushfires, but it was such a devastating fire season. We only few small ones, but nothing serious or close by. Some very smokey days though.

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Open letter

It has come to my attention that there may be some confusion in relation to my stud activities. To save everyone time and the dreary inconvenience of having to rely on hearsay (both the innocent and the other variety), here is the concise version – straight from the horse’s mouth. Instead of addressing some of the Chinese whispers, here is what I currently do, what the history is behind it, where I’m aiming at, and some of the stuff I believe in as a breeder.

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Foaling season wrap up - 2017

Foaling season for 2017/2018 finally came to an end, when Pinta finally had her colt in mid January. Six happy and healthy foals as hoped and expected. A few more colts than I had ordered, but I am very pleased overall. Some of these adorable guys are for sale. Head over to my sales listing for more info.

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