2021 round up

A busy year despite several covid-related slow-downs and shut-downs. The year I finished my PhD….

Restrictions and lockdowns came and went but generally we went back to regular training with the King’s Horses group and riding in general. I was very busy with my PhD thesis and finally submitted it, addressed examiner feedback compoleted it successfully, receiving my testamur at the end of the year. I started a new job, but was still mostly working from home.

Phoebus has progressed to being a handy skill at arms horse and his joust passes are looking really good. We have a gig coming up next year and he is feeling really good. Keldan and Capricho both had some more work and are doing great stuff.

Romeo had some more work under saddle and becoming more solid in his amble. I’m very happy with how he is going.

There were no foals this year. One of my older mares had a late term abortion. It is always sad to see so much effort coming to so little, but the mare was ok.

The two young colts from last summer grew up nicely. Avaldi was gelded and sold, and Marcelo is staying for the time being. He is showing more and more rabicano markings, with ticking on his flanks and a coon tail visible now.


The author Chris Bahlo