Summer 2019

The end of summer saw one late foal arrive, Orlando - a colt from Rev and Nikita.

Aside from progressing joust training at Cliff’s place with Rev, I have done more work with Capricho, Vicente and Pinta.

Sjoli from Litli Stadur Icelandics finally went home after starting him under saddle. He is a great little horse, who reminds me so much of his sire Galdur (imported and owned by Haldane Icelandics), who I also started under saddle a number of years ago.

We went for another really cool beach ride, this time at Warrnambool with Sparky and Keldan. Also, a 20km trail ride at Snakey Valley. I took Capricho, Amber rode Sparky and Kiegan rode Keldan.

In February, I had a visit from Jane Gregor from Canberra to see the Icelandics. She tried out Sparky and Lukka and decided to take Lukka home :-)

February also saw us attend another skill at arms training day with Phil Leitch at Unicorn Park Indoor. I took Capricho and Rev, and Amber rode Sparky. The following weekend, we took Rev and Sparky to a SAA comp at Kryal castle.

Photo by Yvonne Lehey

I managed to also get to several training sessions for long sword, poleaxe and other weapons with a group of friends in Ballarat. Some of these sessions are in harness (armour), giving me extra chances to get used to wearing it. Likewise, I have been doing reasonably regular 10km rides with Rev in armour, just for practice.

Photo by Yvonne Lehey

And this is what happens if someone hands me a plastic sword :-) (video by Greg Lehey)


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